Days Go By

I’m pretty sure my readership has dwindled to nothing. I’m okay with that. This was never about being popular or famous. I just loved to write.

I tell myself there’s no time to write anymore, but that’s not true. I always wrote my best work when I was angry or hurt. I guess the silence of this blog has become a testimony to how good my life has become. Sure, I’ve sailed off the deep end a time or two, but I’ve learned that airing your dirty laundry on the Internet isn’t exactly a great idea.

I’ve thought about shutting down altogether, but I just can’t bear to do that. This tiny little blog is a huge piece of me, floating around out in cyberspace. It’s part of my personal narrative, and because of it, I met so many amazing people.

Maybe I’ll make another run at it. Maybe it will stay dormant until my children graduate. Maybe some life-changing event will inspire me to write again. There are so many wonderful, weird, crazy stories that happen to me on a daily basis that I would love to share… but lately, living in the moment has become the most important thing.

I hope you are all doing well. I am.

One thought on “Days Go By

  1. I hope your life stays nice and boring and wonderful, even if that means you have to work a bit harder to find something to write about. It’s better that way. I’m pleased to have the same problem, especially since getting remarried. (Funny how that works, isn’t it?)
    I still post, though mainly to the new site, with copies mirrored to the old Diary of a Network Geek. It’s not much and only once a week, but I’m still posting regularly. Maybe, one day, I’ll get my writing life organized to the point of sharing more, but, until then, I just try to remember that “boredom” is just unappreciated serenity.

    All of which is to say, “Hello! Yes, your readers are still out here!”

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