About Me

Stalker. Why are you trying to find out about me? Just kidding. I’m flattered. Really. Obviously you care enough to find out more.

I’m a 40-something teacher/designer/photographer/writer/mother. I began this blog in 2005, when I lived in idyllic bliss with my husband and newborn child. Fast forward a couple of years, and you’ll watch my marriage crumble and fail due to infidelity, my self-esteem sink into a downward spiral, my descent into depression and all the wonderful people/things/moments that helped pull me out of it. Then I did it all over again.

If you’re really bored you may notice many of my titles are song titles/lyrics. I am full of useless pop trivia.

I live in Houston, TX with my husband, my two daughters, two obnoxious dachshunds & two black cats, all of whom were rescued. Even the husband. Especially the husband.

In my spare time (which I have none of), I’m training for my black belt because I wanted an excuse to hit someone and I really needed an outlet for all the pent-up anger I’ve suppressed for the past six years. I also write music because I never realized my dream of being a DJ, and now I’m too old. Someday I hope to be self-employed so I can lay around in my pajamas all day, but in the meantime I teach junior high in an undisclosed district. It’s not as easy as people think, and we totally deserve the whole summer off, otherwise we’d lose our minds and beat all the children. True story.

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  1. Yeah, so, by “coming soon”, you obviously mean soon in the geological sense, right? As in, sometime before the Sun burns out and mankind goes extinct?

    Just checking.

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